NASA Public Service Medal

CEO Belinda Guadarrama has received the Public Service Medal from NASA. It is the highest honor a civilian can earn from that agency. Here Belinda Guadarrama receives a certificate of appreciation from Astronaut Loren Shriver, commander of 3 space shuttle missions.

U.S. service members support

In recognition of our continued support to U.S. service members, Alpha Company Marine Special Operations Team 8112 presented CEO Belinda Guadarrama & GC Micro with the flag that accompanied them on their mission in Afghanistan.


gc micro typifies the American dream

Founded in 1986, GC Micro has become a multimillion dollar company with a reputation for excellence. We offer custom computing configuration and integration services, superior value and award winning commitment to customer satisfaction.

GC Micro leverages our strategic vendor partnerships such as:

  • HP
  • Apple
  • Red Hat
  • SGI
  • Cisco
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Star Dundee

GC Micro has become one of the nation's leading suppliers of computing equipment and services to Government agencies, the aerospace industry and Fortune 1000 companies. We are headquartered in Northern California and ship from 14 warehouses in 4 time zones to deliver computing solutions as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

GC Micro is a 100% small, minority and woman owned firm.


Philanthropy is our strongest investment.

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